Arsenicum bioacumulation

Geoff Read at
Mon Mar 14 14:54:07 EST 2005

> I would like to enquire whehter you have done or come accross any
> study on bioacumulation rates/levels of arsenicum in trophic webs, with a
> focus on invertebrates and/or their predators, particularly freshwater
> fishes?

Recent cites held relating Bioaccumulation AND Arsenic AND annelids:

Fattorini, D. ; Regoli, F. 2004: Arsenic speciation in tissues of the 
Mediterranean polychaete Sabella spallanzanii. Environmental Toxicology and
Chemistry 23: 1881-1887.

Lyytikainen, M.; Sormunen, A.; Peraniemi, S. ; Kukkonen, J. V. K. 2001: 
Environmental fate and bioavailability of wood preservatives in freshwater
sediments near an old sawmill site. Chemosphere 44: 341-350.

Meador, J. P.; Ernest, D. W. ; Kagley, A. 2004: Bioaccumulation of arsenic in
marine fish and invertebrates from Alaska and California. Archives of
Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 47: 223-233.

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