Ninth International Polychaete Conference

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Sun May 1 15:40:34 EST 2005

USA from August 12-18, 2007.  

We are pleased to announce that the 9th International Polychaete Conference 
will be held in Portland, Maine, USA, August 12-18, 2007.  The Conference will 
be hosted by the Darling Marine Center, University of Maine.  The venue will 
be the Holiday Inn By-The-Bay, a major Hotel and Convention Center serving the 
central Maine coast.  We anticipate that all of the participants and their 
families will be accommodated at the Holiday Inn, meaning that both housing 
and the Conference will be in the same building.  

The Holiday Inn By-The-Bay has a new exhibit hall that will be the location 
for our poster session and those exhibitors who will be at the Conference. The 
size of the exhibit hall is such that all posters can be exhibited for the 
entire Conference.  

Drs. Kevin Eckelbarger, Director of the Darling Marine Center, and James 
Blake, Manager of the ENSR Marine & Coastal Center in Woods Hole, are the co-
organizers.  Ms. Linda Healy is the Events Coordinator for the Darling Marine 
Center. We plan to organize a series of special symposia for the morning 
sessions, leaving the afternoon sessions for contributed papers, possibly in 
concurrent sessions if the demand requires.  

We have decided to published the Proceedings of the Conference in ZOOSYMPOSIA, 
a new journal being initiated in 2005.  ZOOSYMPOSIA will be published by the 
Magnolia Press, Auckland, New Zealand, which currently publishes ZOOTAXA, an 
international journal that rapidly publishes online and printed taxonomic 
papers.  Since its initiation in late 2001, ZOOTAXA has published over 900 
papers that include descriptions of more than 2100 new species of invertebrate 
and vertebrate organisms. For further information, you can go to  Unlike ZOOTAXA, each number of 
ZOOSYMPOSIA will include those papers composing each symposium or special 
topic.  Topics will not be limited to taxonomy as they are with ZOOTAXA, 
meaning that papers dealing with biology, ecology, and other non-taxonomic 
topics presented at the Conference will be published in ZOOSYMPOSIA.  We will 
have our own editorial board and be responsible for individual manuscript peer 
review as has been our practice for past Proceedings.  

A post-Conference Workshop is also being planned at the Darling Marine Center. 
 Other announcements will be posted to the Annelid List this summer.  Updates 
will be at the Conference WWW site:  

Jim Blake and Kevin Eckelbarger

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