Hobsonia florida

Robert Diaz diaz at vims.edu
Wed May 4 15:48:40 EST 2005


I received this request from Roman Zajac, University of New Haven, CT. It may 
be all summer before I can go looking and thought that others may encounter H. 
florida sooner and be able to help out:  

"I am writing to see if  you know of any  good spots in the Chesapeake Bay 
area where some Hobsonia florida might be collected and (here comes the big 
if...) if any of your grad students might have the chance to collect some and 
send them to me.  We have a project that we're working on to genetically 
characterize populations here in the estuaries of Long Island Sound (see 
abstract by Olson-Russello in the BEM abstract book) and we need a sample of 
individuals from south of LIS to complete our geographic comparisons.  SO if 
this is even a remote possibility that would be greatly appreciated."      



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