VIII IPC & IPA letter

Guillermo San Martín guillermo.sanmartin at
Fri May 20 22:48:01 EST 2005

Dear colleagues and friends,

I hope you are having a nice and fruitful year. 
In my last letter I proposed several changes in the composition of the 
Advisory Council. One of these changes was the proposal of Ruth Barnich as 
Secretary/Treasurer. Remember:  

"The other is the Secretary-Treasurer.  This office is elected for a six year 
term and must be renovated. I would like to acknowledge all the work that Andy 
has undertaken during these six years. He has already sent to me his 
resignation by e-mail.       Ruth Barnich, is kindly willing to take over the 
job. However, it is necessary to know if anybody else is willing too. Please, 
contact me if there is any other candidature or if you propose any other. The 
deadline for other candidature is the 31st January. After February 1st, I will 
contact all you again to give the proposed names and ask for your vote."  

I have not received any other proposal; some e-mails supporting Ruth were 
received. Then, Ruth Barnich is the new Secretary/Treasurer of the 
International Polychaete Association. In behalf of all the polychaete 
community I acknowledge to Andy Mackie for his work as Secretary/Treasurer 
during the last years.  

In reference to the publications of the VIII IPC, on the last week, the four 
members of the Editorial Committee meet to evaluate the reviews. Some papers 
have been accepted and, unfortunately, others were rejected. Soon the authors 
will receive their evaluations and advices for publication. I want to 
acknowledge in behalf of the Editorial Committee to all colleagues who review 
the manuscripts, and we sorry for the delay in answering. However, we expect 
to be on time of the foreseen date, 2006 for the publication.   

I have not received any official proposal for the 2010 conference yet. I will 
start soon personal contacts asking to some representatives of several 
countries for their willingness. I encourage everybody to present proposals  

With all my best wishes

Guillermo San Martín
<guillermo.sanmartin at>

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