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Forwarded with permission.  Note if you wish to control download of the 
various Exogoninae monograph pdfs from Australian Museum (ie save the big file 
directly to disk via right click menu of your browser) go to the link 
immediately below, search for Exogoninae, and work from the page that is 

I also enclose a message from the Italian bookseller, Naturama, offering Fauna
Iberica polychaete volumes, with contents information. 


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This message is to inform you that

1.- The book "Fauna Ibérica 25. Polychaetes I" (Generalities and Families 
Phyllodocidae, Hesionidae, Pilargidae, Nereididae, Nephtyidae, 
Paralacydoniidae, Chrysopetalidae & Pisionidae), by Viéitez, Alós, Parapar, 
Besteiro, Moreira, Núñez, Laborda & San Martín, has been published. If you 
want to buy one book, contact with   

Servicio de Publicaciones CSIC
c/ Vitruvio 8
28006 Madrid
Telf. 34 915629633
Fax: 34 915629634
publ at

2.- My paper on Australian Exogoninae (Syllidae) has been already published in 
Records of the Australian Museum. Reprints will not be available until July or 
September; I will send reprints under request (please contact me for it in 
July or September). However, if you are interested, you can see it in   

pp 39-41 [69Kb] (abstract and table of contents) 

pp 39-76 [2.38Mb] 

pp 77-115 [2.28Mb] 

pp 116-152 [1.68Mb]

pp 39-152 [6.17Mb] 

Best wishes
Guillermo San Martín

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.    From: naturama at
.    Subject: book offer
.    We are please to offer you some new book:

Vieitez J.M., 2004
Fauna Iberica. Volume 25 - Annelida, Polichaeta I
In 8vo, leg. edit., pp. 530 with figs. ISBN: 84-00-08294-X.

Polychaeta I updates our current knowledge of the Polychaete Annelids from the 
coasts of the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, through a 
description of the general morphological characters and most relevant aspects 
of the biolog y of the species of this taxonomic group. As a group that, to 
date, numbers almost a thousand species in our coasts, we did not consider it 
opportune to include a  detailed account of all said species, however we do 
include identification keys of the different families as this is the most 
important taxonomic category to understand  the great morphological 
variability that exists among this group of segmented marine worms. This 
volume also contains a detailed taxonomic review and an in-depth bibliography 
of the families Phyllodocidae, Hesionidae, Pilargidae, Nereididae, Nephtyidae, 
Paralacidoniidae, Chrysopetalidae y Pisonidae, in addition to keys of the 
different taxons to the species level. For each of the 129 cited species 
belonging to the  above-mentioned families, we offer a detailed description of 
the species, accompanied  by the corresponding iconography that highlights its 
most important anatomical characteristics, aspects of its biology, and its 
geographic distribution.  

euro 57,00

G. San Martin, 2003
Fauna Iberica. Volume 21 - Annelida, Polichaeta II.
 In 8vo, leg. edit., pp. 554 with figs. ISBN: 84-00-07010-0.

This volume is entirely devoted to the family Syllidae; small, very common 
annelids  that are abundant in all types of littoral settings, especially at 
low depths in marine  environments. This book provides a synthesis of all that 
is known about this family  on the Iberian and Balearic coasts, as well as in 
areas of Spanish North Africa. The reader can get information on the 
morphologic and biological characters of this family, use dichotomic keys to 
identify all the genera and species currently known  on the Iberian area and 
check these identifications with diagnostic and detailed descriptions of each 
taxon. There are plates of drawings and SEM photographs of most species and 
281 illustrations of the 161 species studied in this monograph. The reader 
should be aware that this family of polychaetes is currently being revised by 
the current author and by other contributing authors. Consequently, there may 
be changes in nomenclature and classification over the next few years.  

euro 57,00

With regards

Riccardo Giannuzzi-Savelli

C.P. 28 (Succ. 26)
Via Mater Dolorosa, 104
E-mail: naturama at

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