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Chris.Glasby at nt.gov.au Chris.Glasby at nt.gov.au
Wed Nov 9 19:02:52 EST 2005

Dear Anneliders,

I have been asked to pull together a short chapter on freshwater polychaetes for
a Hydrobiologia special volume on 'A global assessment of animal diversity in
continental waters'. The manuscript is due by 1 Jan 2006.

Toward this goal I have compiled an excel spreadsheet containing all of the
species that I am aware (105 species to date). Probably I have missed some
(?many), and so I seek your help make it more complete. The list includes
species that are restricted to fresh water, those that can tolerate fresh water
(but may not be able to reproduce there), and species that inhabit inland
(saline, but non-marine) waters. The occurrence of species in each of Wallace's
major biogeographic regions is also recorded, as are habitat details where

One of the goals of the Volume is to estimate known (and predicted actual)
global species diversity in continental waters, so it is important that numbers
are as accurate as possible. The most likely sources of error at the moment are
unrecognized synonyms, and widespread species that  may represent more than one
taxon, although with any luck these may cancel each other out in the final

The list presently does not include Aphanoneura (Aeolosomatidae and
Potamodrilidae), which are almost exclusively fresh water and may collectively
comprise 30 or so species. If anyone feels confident in collating information on
this group please let me know.

Also, if you are interested in commenting on the list, let me know and I can
email you the excel file (and associated word file with literature references).
Help will be gratefully acknowledged.

Best regards,

Dr Chris Glasby
Curator (Polychaeta) and Editor (The Beagle)
Natural Sciences
Museum & Art Gallery of the Northern Territory
GPO Box 4646
Darwin NT 0801

Email: chris.glasby at nt.gov.au
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