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Harry A. ten Hove hove at science.uva.nl
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>Dear Anneliders,
>I have been asked to pull together a short chapter on freshwater polychaetes

Dear Annelidologists especially Chris,

In two papers, one repeating the other, Ficopomatus enigmaticus (under it's
old name Mercierella enigmatica) is figuring as a freshwater species. To my
knowledge that is not true, although it maybe can survive for a while.
Normally it occurs in brackish environments, the minimum I have been able
to find is 18 gr of NaCl per liter.

Chris and I discussed this when he was in Amsterdam, so he probably will
leave the taxon out in his paper. However, in view of the wide use of these
papers, it may be wise to make some comment on this fact.

Moreover, and that is the main reason that I am posting this to Annelida
discussion group, I want to put out a warning to all users that the figures
given in both papers are not belonging to a single species, not even to a
single genus.

Foster's fig.3 c, reproduced as fig. 4.10.a, d in Klemm depict the
operculum of Ficopomatus enigmaticus. However, the other two figures (3a,b
in Foster, 4.10.b,c in Klemm) show a frontal and lateral view of the
ubiquitous fouling species Hydroides elegans.

Foster, N., 1972.- Freshwater Polychaetes (Annelida) of North America.
Biota of Freshw. Ecosystems, Ident. Manual 4, viii + 15 pp., 5 figs.
Klemm, D.J. (ed.), 1985.- A guide to the freshwater Annelida (Polychaeta,
Naidid and Tubificid Oligochaeta, and Hirudinea) of North America.
Kendall/Hunt, Iowa, 1985 [Polychaeta p. 10-23, 11 figs.]


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