[Annelida] "freshwater" serpulids

Gabriela Palomo gpalomo at mail.usyd.edu.au
Thu Nov 17 09:18:38 EST 2005

Dear Chris and all,

 I found another reference, this one about Ficopomatus enigmaticus, that
lives in a inner part of a coastal lagoon in Argentina, in salinities
between 2 to 49 psu !!! (figure 3b).

Schwindt, E., de Francesco, C. G. and O. O. Iribarne. 2004. Individual and
reef growth of the invasive reef-building polychaete Ficopomatus
enigmaticus in a south-western Atlantic coastal lagoon. J. Mar. Biol.
Assoc. U.K. Vol. 84, no. 5, pp. 987-993.


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