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Wed Nov 30 04:37:15 EST 2005

Dear colleagues,

this message is to inform you about the recent 
updating of my web page, which now includes links 
to several more papers available in pdf format. 
Among them:

Airoldi L., Abbiati M., Beck M. W., Hawkins S.J., 
Jonsson P.R., Martin D ., Moschella P. S., 
Sundelöf A., Thompson R. C., Åberg P. (2005). An 
ecological perspective on the deployment and 
design of low- crested and other hard coastal 
defence structures. Coastal Engineering . 52 
(10-11): 1073-1087.

Bhaud, M., Martin, D. and Gil, J (2003). 
Spiochaetopterus creoceanae , a new species of 
Chaetopteridae (Polychaeta) from the Persian Gulf 
belonging to the costarum -complex. Sci. Mar. 
67(1): 99-105.

Britayev, T.A., Krylova, E.M.,  Martin, D. , von 
Cosel, R., & Aksiuk, T.S. (2003) Symbiont-host 
interactions in the association of the scale-worm 
Branchipolynoe aff. seepensis (Polychaeta: 
Polynoidae) with the hydrothermal mussels 
Bathymodiolus spp. (Bivalvia: Mytilidae). 
InterRidge News 12(2): 13-16

Brito, M.C., Martin, D . and Núñez, J. (2005) 
Polychaetes associated to a Cymodocea nodosa 
meadow in the Canary Islands: assemblage 
structure, temporal variability and vertical 
distribution compared to other Mediterranean 
seagrass meadows. Marine Biology 146: 467-481.

Cha, J.H., Martin, D. & Bhaud, M., 1997. - 
Effects of temperature on oocyte growth in the 
Mediterranean Terebellid Eupolymnia nebulosa 
(Annelida: Polychaeta). Mar. Biol. 128: 433- 439.

Corbera, J. and Martín, D. (2002).- Two new 
cumacean species (Crustacea, Peracarida) from 
shallow waters off Thailand. Sci. Mar. 66(4): 

Corbera, J., Tirado, P. & Martin. D . (2005) 
Cumaceans (Crustacea: Peracarida) from the 
Persian Gulf. Zootaxa 1087: 1-30.

Grémare, A., Sardá, R., Medernach, L., Jordana, 
E., Pinedo, S., Amoroux, J.M., Martin, D. , 
Nozais, C. & Charles, F., 1998.- On the dramatic 
increase of Ditrupa arietina O.F. Muller 
(Annelida: Polychaeta) along both the French and 
the Spanish Catalan coasts. Est. Coast. Shelf. 
Sci . 47: 447-457.

López, E., Britayev, T.A., Martin, D. and San 
Martín, G. (2001) New symbiotic associations 
involving Syllidae (Annelida: Polychaetae), with 
taxonomic and biological remarks on Pionosyllis 
magnifica and Syllis cf  armillaris .J. Mar. 
Biol. Assoc. U.K. 81(3): 399-409.

Martin, D ., Bertasi, F., Colangelo, M.A., de 
Vries, M., Frost, M., Hawkins, S.J., Macpherson, 
E., Moschella, P.S., Satta, M.P., Thompson & 
R.C., Ceccherelli, V.U. (2005) Ecological impacts 
of coastal defence structures on sediment and 
mobile fauna: evaluating and forecasting 
consequences of unavoidable modifications of 
native habitats. Coastal Engineering. 52 (10-11): 
1027- 1051

Martin, D. , Ballesteros, E., Gili, J.M. & 
Palacín, C., 1993.- Small- scale structure of 
infaunal polychaete communities in an estuarine 
environment: Methodological approach. Est. Coast. 
Shelf Sci. , 36: 47- 58

Martin, D. , Britayev, T.A., San Martin, G. and 
Gil, J.  (2003) Inter-population variability and 
character description in the sponge associated 
Haplosyllis spongicola complex. (Polychaeta: 
Syllidae), Hydrobiologia , 496 (1-3): 145-162.

Martin, D. , Núñez, J., Riera, R. and Gil, J. 
(2002).- On the association between Haplosyllis 
(Polychaeta, Syllidae) and gorgonians (Cnidaria, 
Octocorallaria), with the description of a new 
species. Biol. J. Linnean Soc. 77(4): 455-477.

Plyuscheva, M., Martin, D. and Britayev, T. 
(2004) Population ecology of two scale-worm 
polychaetes, Lepidonotus squamatus and Harmothoe 
imbricata (Polychaeta, Polynoidae), in the White 
Sea. Invertebrate Zoology 1(1): 65 - 73.

Rosell, D., Uriz, M.J. & Martin, D. , (1999).- 
Infestation by excavating sponges on the oyster 
(Ostrea edulis) populations of the Blanes 
littoral zone (north-western Mediterranean Sea). 
J. Mar. Biol. Assoc. UK, 79: 409-413.

With my best wishes,


Dr. Daniel Martin

+ Centre d'Estudis Avancats de Blanes (CSIC)
+ Carrer d'accés a la Cala Sant Francesc, núm.14
+ 17300 Blanes (Girona), Catalunya (Spain)
( 34 972 336101
   34 972 337806
: Institutional:  http://www.ceab.csic.es
: Personal: http://www.ceab.csic.es/~dani/
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