[Annelida] (Fwd) New Caledonian aquatic oligochaeta and Hirudinea

Geoff Read g.read at niwa.co.nz
Mon Sep 12 15:22:34 EST 2005

Annelida listers,

Can anyone help Nathalie Mary-Sasal <nmary at free.fr> with information on New 
Caledonia freshwater fauna?  Please reply to her directly with CC to list if 



Dear Dr Read, 
I contact you because I'm workingat presentfor a WWF programm with a 
partnership ofNouméa (Clémentine Flouhr, HYTEC) andseveral taxonomists of 
the National Museum of Natural History (Paris). The aim of this studyis to 
realize an exhaustive compilation of all the existing dataregardingfauna and 
flora of NC freshwaters. I send you here a summary of this project. 

However, I can't find relevant information abouttaxonomic 
progressonOligochaeta and Hirudinea of NC freshwaters ecosystems. 
Shall you pleasehelp me on this subject? Do you know if descriptions of 
Oligochaeta and Hirudinea species from New Caledonia have been 
published?Where is it possible to find a check list of all the described 
aquatic species or a list of all publication concerning these faunistic 

Thank you very much for your collaboration, 

Ilook forward to hear from you,

Yours sincerely,

27 avenue du Maréchal Joffre
66200 Corneilla del Vercol

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