[Annelida] Fellowship opportunities

Stéphane Hourdez hourdez at sb-roscoff.fr
Mon Apr 10 03:04:13 EST 2006

Dear all-

The marine laboratory in Roscoff (France) has EU funding for 9 PhD  
students. The 9 candidates will be chosen from a list of candidates  
applying for a total of 16 projects. Two of the projects deal with  
polychaetes, one under my supervision (Evolution of respiratory  
adaptations in deep-sea hydrothermal vent scaleworms) and one under  
Franck Zal and Arnaud Tanguy's supervision (The use of genomic tools  
to detect molecular adaptation in the hydrothermal-vent polychaete  
Alvinella pompejana in response to thermal and oxidative stresses )  
(see web-site for more details http://www.sb-roscoff.fr/ESTeam).
The candidates cannot be French (exceptions apply, see web-site  
http://www.sb-roscoff.fr/ESTeam). Non-EU candidates can apply but no  
more than 3 non-EU candidates can be funded. The deadline is may 26th.
Please circulate this information.



Dr. Stéphane Hourdez
Equipe Ecophysiologie Adaptation et Evolution Moleculaires
Station Biologique de Roscoff
29680 Roscoff
Phone: (33)-298-29-2340
Fax: (33)-298-29-2324
Mail: hourdez at sb-roscoff.fr

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