[Annelida] Shannon-Wiener index for Polychaeta?

Daniel Martin dani at ceab.csic.es
Tue Apr 11 01:55:33 EST 2006

Dear Barbara and anneliders,

although this in not a direct response to 
Barbara's question on the Shannon index, you may 
find some discussion on this and another indexes 
dealing with polychaetes in my paper: "Martin, 
D., Ballesteros, E., Gili, J.M. & Palacín, C., 
1993.- Small-scale structure of infaunal 
polychaete communities in an estuarine 
environment: Methodological approach. Est. Coast. 
Shelf Sci. , 36: 47- 58", which can be downloaded 

The paper deals with two very different 
polychaete assemblages and discusses the 
usefulness of different methods to estimate 
minimal areas for sampling, which at the same 
time, are excellent to analyze the small-scale 
structure of these assemblages. Among the methods 
we tested, there were the diversity area curves. 
Thus, the paper includes some discussion that may 
be useful in the sense of Barbara's question.

Best wishes,


Dr. Daniel Martin

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