[Annelida] seta vs chaeta

dfiege Dieter.Fiege at senckenberg.de
Fri Apr 21 04:37:27 EST 2006

Dear Sergio,

as you imply in your mail to annelida the term chaeta (and derivatives) 
as used in 'polychaete language' is derived from the taxon name 
Polychaeta and thus has become a technical term with a meaning different 
from that mentioned in standard dictionaries. For this reason I 
personally prefer chaeta over seta (and derivatives). Moreover, the 
latter term should in my opinion be avoided in polychaetology since it 
is used in other taxa languages as well (e.g. by colleagues describing 
various kinds of arthropods) with a possible different technical 
meaning. Distinction among various kinds of chaetae in polychaetology - 
not only long and soft versus short and rigid as we all know - is done 
by providing a detailed description of shape, size, etc.



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