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J. Kirk Fitzhugh kfitzhug at nhm.org
Wed Feb 15 14:17:16 EST 2006

I use HMDS on a regular basis with excellent results.  It is especially 
great if you are working with very small specimens or parts of specimens, 
since there is no risk of losing them. I can send you the protocol I use if 
you wish.


At 05:07 PM 2/15/2006 +0000, you wrote:
>I was getting geared up to do some SEM this week, and wondered if anyone
>has had any experience with the CPD alternative Hexamethyldisilazane
>(HMDS)? The technicians on campus are split on the subject and I have
>heard testimonials from both sides. I have not seen it used in many
>articles, but if there are no major drawbacks I thought it would be a nice
>technique to pick up.
>I would appreciate your thoughts on the method.
>Brendan "Chip" Barrett
>Martin Ryan Institue
>National University of Ireland Galway,
>Galway, Co. Galway, Ireland
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