[Annelida] O, Onuphidae

Scott Jones msjoneser at gmail.com
Tue Jan 10 16:51:21 EST 2006

Hi all-

  I have a curious Onuphid I am trying to ID.  I have two and they are
rather small (<2 mm long).  The most noticeable feature are a pair of
branchiae on what appears to be segment 6 that are rather large and
branched.  There is a much smaller pair on segment 7.  After that, there are
no branchiae, only simple dorsal cirri.  These animals were caught in the
Indian River Lagoon, Florida.  They were in tubes that were semi-transparent
with sand and debris.

  I realize this is probably not enough information, but I thought I'd give
it a shot.

Scott Jones
Benthic Ecology Lab
Smithsonian Marine Station, Fort Pierce
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