[Annelida] Sherborn et al digitisations

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27 January 2006


In case you haven't been there recently:

A Google search last night for [the 1984 Barry A. Vittor series]:
"Polychaetes of the Northern Gulf of Mexico", brought up not only PDF files
of all seven volumes (which all start with "Taxonomic Guide to the..."),
which were scanned in and made available to the public a few years ago*, but
now also an introductory section with an introduction to CATI (Computer
Aided Taxonomic Identification). The file is "Preparation of an Interactive
Key for Northern Gulf of Mexico Polychaete Taxonomy Employing the
DELTA/INTKEY System". Check it out at the url below:


The cover and each of the introductory sections in "Preparation of..." are
on separate files, which makes it easier to print all odd-numbered pages as
right-hand pages if one has access to duplex; the back cover is unnumbered
and prints out with the text of the chapter.

*I have not yet checked the PDF files of the 7 volumes to see if the
defective pages have been replaced. If not, perhaps we could arrange to have
a set of replacement pages put up on Annelid Resources for use by those
unable to obtain a copy of the original. As the volumes are now freely
available to the public and all the remaining originals were sold at the
Copenhagen Polychaete Conference in 1986, this should not cause any
copyright problems, especially if a link to the above GOMR (Gulf Of Mexico
Region) download site is provided. 


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FYI, news of Biodiversity Heritage Library, a digitisation project of some 
major natural history libraries, including the Smithsonian's, at:  


Sherborn's Index Animalium (all species 1758 to 1850) is now digitised & 
searchable at:  


(has cool animation - image to name - on the menu page).

By the way, you will recall that Neave's Nomenclator Zoologicus is online



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