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Wolfgang Nentwig wolfgang.nentwig at zos.unibe.ch
Sun Jan 29 13:08:16 EST 2006

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Dear colleagues

Within the actual EU project DAISIE
a European Alien Species Expertise Registry has now been established. This 
registry intends to collect the expertise of experts which may be useful to 
gather the knowledge on those species which are actually alien in Europe or 
may become so. Thus, unlike its title, we want to gather the expertise of 
experts from all over the world, since species alien to Europe come from 
all over the world.

The expertise registry contains details for individual experts with respect 
to taxonomic expertise, geographic units, and thematic areas (e.g. 
distribution, conservation, restoration, ecology, economical impact, 
genetics, legislation, administration, management, control, biocontrol, 
pathways, transportation, physiology, risk assessment, taxonomy, systematics).

The expertise registry has only now been set up and grows. We hope to 
include already within this year a relevant part of experts and expertise. 
This will enable us to analyze this expertise and to draw conclusions. One 
of our goals is a paper which may become a political postulation to 
ameliorate the expertise in those areas where it is not sufficient. You 
see, it may also become important for yourself, in the long run, to be 
included into our registry.

Please take the time to register at 
the registry should be self explanatory, and it will take you only 5 
minutes. Forward this message to other experts which may not have been 
reached by this mail.

Many thanks and best regards
Wolfgang Nentwig

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Nentwig, Zoological Institute, University of Bern
Baltzerstr. 6, CH 3012 Bern (Switzerland, old Europe)
Tel. +0041-31-631-4520 (direct), -4511(secretary), -4888(fax)

2. Auflage, Springer-Verlag
<http://www.elsevier-deutschland.de/artikel/711521>Lehrbuch der Ökologie, 
Spektrum Verlag
<http://www.araneae.unibe.ch/>Internet Key for European Spiders

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