[Annelida] tube building polychaete identification

MariaADean at aol.com MariaADean at aol.com
Thu Jul 6 23:20:26 EST 2006

Hello Kirk,
I am not an expert, but am a biochemist. I do study Pectinaria  gouldii 
cement and genetics (collaboratively). The tubes do look similar to  those that we 
have collected from the New England (USA) coastal area. Have  you seen the 
worms? That would tell the tale. I can send you some pictures we  have taken if 
you are interested.
Maria A. Dean
Coe College
Department of Chemistry
Cedar Rapids, Iowa,  52402
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KkSc at novozymes.com writes:

Dear Polychaete experts.  
I am new to the annelida mailing list and new to  marine polychaete research. 
I am looking for local tube builders to study here  in Denmark. I have the 
attached photo of some tubes and I am interested if any  of you know what types 
of organisms built them. 
I figure that the conical, regular shaped shells  must come from Pectinaria 
but which species? gouldii?  
the second tubes are more irregular. They could be  Maldanids. They have very 
strong glue component.  
both tube types were found washed ashore on Skane;  the northernmost tip of 
Jutland in Demark last year.  
Is this enough information to give a likely genus  for the irregular tube and 
a likely species for the Pectinaria?  
kind regards 
Kirk Schnorr PhD.  
Fungal Screening 1BM1.05 
Novozymes A/S 
DK-2880  Bagsvaerd 

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