[Annelida] Danish Pectinariidae

Torleif Holthe torleif.holthe at vm.ntnu.no
Fri Jul 7 04:07:11 EST 2006

Dear Dr Kirk Schnorr,
38 years ago, when I was a Nordic research fellow at the Marine 
Biological Laboratory in Helsingør,  I had the opportunity to study the 
polychaetes  of the Øresund,.
 The Danish pectinariidae are: Pectinaria belgica, Pectinaria auricoma, 
Pectinaria koreni, and Petta pusilla. (disregarding subgenera of Pectinaria)

 The tubes of these spp are different and can in most cases be identified..
See descriptions in my book Polychata Terebellomorpha,, Marine 
Invertebrates of Scandinavia vol 7 (1986).
The tubes in your photograph  loook like  those of P.koreni..
Irregular tubes from Danish waters may .  be maldanids, but also i.a. 
terebellids, ampharetids, or oweniids. Several of these are species 
specific, but some might be possible to confuse.

regards and good luck with your work

Torleif Holthe
professor emeritus
Trondheim, Norway.

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