[Annelida] revision of Antarctic Harmothoe

Maria Cristina Gambi gambimc at szn.it
Sat Jul 8 05:23:14 EST 2006

Dear annelidans,
a revision of Harmothoe in Subantarctic and Antarctic water, with 
redescription of Harmothoe spinosa by Barnich et al. is now available on 
Journal of Natural History 40(1-2) 2006.
If some one is interested I can send out the pdf file, as well the hard 
paper copy (limited copies).
Thanks for your attention and interest,
Maria Cristina Gambi (the lay of the rings)

Maria Cristina Gambi
Laboratorio di Ecologia del Benthos
(Stazione Zoologica "Anton Dohrn" di Napoli)
Punta S. Pietro
80077 Ischia (Napoli, Italy)
tel ++39 081 991410 or ++39 081 5833513
fax ++39 081 984201
e-mail:gambimc at szn.it

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