[Annelida] Nereimyra: the solution

Fredrik Pleijel fredrik.pleijel at tmbl.gu.se
Thu Jul 13 16:53:24 EST 2006

The solution found is actually the best possible, although not very  
honourable for me. I was wrong in stating that Nereis rosea is type  
species for Nereimyra - it is actually N punctata as designated in  
Hartman's Catalogue. There are at least two incorrect statements in  
the literature that N rosea is type: my hesionid revision (1998) and  
Pettibone (1963) where she states that it was designated by Støp- 
Bowitz (1948), although he did actually not do this. Nereimyra  
punctata is much nicer as type since it is better known and I have  
good material for a neotype.
Thank you Geoff and Kristian for helping me out!
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