[Annelida] Stripy Opheliidae

Larry Lovell llovell at siomail.ucsd.edu
Thu Jun 1 19:25:29 EST 2006

Hi Patrick,

Your stripy Opheliidae sounds similar to Polyophthalmus pictus (Dujardin,
1839), a species that I have seen many times in shallow water coarse sands
(similar to your Irish habitat) in California and in ship hull scrapings
from Hawaii.  It is described from the Mediterranean Sea from the
intertidal and no doubt gets around if it lives in ship hull fouling
environments.  The branchiae are absent and the lateral spots are noted as
eyespots.  Another opheliid genus with lateral eyepspots is Armandia, but
it possesses branchiae.  It would be rare for all the branchiae to fall
off from both sides of the body.  If there are no branchiae at all, then
they were probably none there to begin with.  This info comes from
personal observations and Hartman, 1969 pp. 339-340, Atlas of the
Sedentariate Polychaetous Annelids from California.

Worm regards,

Larry Lovell

> Hello,
> I have found a stripy member of the Opheliidae off the West coast of
> Ireland in sandy gravel.. It appears to be a member of the Opelina genus
> but doesn't match any descriptions. It have a stripe over the dorsum and a
> spot over each area where the branchiae were (I presume they fell off).
> Has anybody ever found another stripy  Opheliidae?
> Best regards
> Patrick Collins
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