[Annelida] Hunting for elusive serpulids

Elena Kupriyanova elena.kupriyanova at adelaide.edu.au
Mon Jun 5 21:36:34 EST 2006

Dear colleagues,

My request is not very original as I am searching for serpulids
preserved in ethanol for molecular work.
I would really appreciate if you could help me to fill the gaps in my
sampling. I am really interested in following species (or other
representatives of those genera)

Pomatostegus    stellatus       Carribean, West Indies   
Sclerostyla     ctenactis       St.Thomas, Caribbean and trop. Pacific
Semivermilia    pomatostegoides  Tripolis, Mediterranean,  Central
Atlantic, Indo-W Pacific
Janita          fimbriata        (sub)tropical Atlantic, Mediterranean,
Indo-W Pacific  


Dr Elena Kupriyanova
Earth and Environmental Sciences
Darling DP418
The University of Adelaide, 
Adelaide, SA 5005
Ph    : +61 8 8303 3990
e-mail: elena.kupriyanova at adelaide.edu.au

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