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Ken Halanych halankm at smtpgate.duc.auburn.edu
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Dear Capitellites,
	 The Capitella discussion has been interesting. In addition to  
important ecological work,  there are some other reasons for getting  
Capitella issues sorted out sooner rather then later. For example the  
genome sequencing of Capitella sp 1 (sensu Grassle) is well under  
way. As it becomes more of a model system it will be important to  
have a better idea of phylogeny and species designations. Also  
because of the apparent relationship between capitellids and  
echuirids, some of us (on the molecular phylogeny end of things) have  
been talking (in a no specific way) about doing some Capitellid work.

	Given Sergio's comments about working together as a scientific  
society and Kristian's comments about the problems of naming strictly  
on morphological grounds,  I would like to suggest that perhaps a  
community effort could be undertaken from the molecular perspective  
as well.  I have a few samples for DNA study that I am willing to  
commit to the cause, and perhaps one of the up and coming stars  
Sergio mentioned would be interested in visiting my (or another) lab  
to to some molecular work. Or maybe two or three labs could pool our  
resources to contribute molecular information for especially  
problematic issues from the morphological angle. Other than getting  
someone to do the bench work, I suspect the biggest issue will be  
availability of samples.

	We would also need some direction from those most familiar with  
Capitella, in terms of prioritizing the issues in order of importance.



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