[Annelida] re: eunicid phylogeny

Kenneth Halanych halankm at auburn.edu
Thu Mar 23 11:16:36 EST 2006

Dear all,
Kirk asserts
"Torsten et al's reply is interesting, if for no other reason than they say nothing in defense of partitioned analysis. "

The fact is partition analysis is very well accepted on praticial and theoretical grounds. Kirk view is clearly at odds with most actively working in phylogenetics. That is not to say that it may not have its points.

What my coauthors and I, in part, objected to was the unneeded tone and dognmatic presentation of his ideas.

Although I will not speak for Torsten and Günter, I do not plan on wasting my time rebutting Kirk's comments and this arguement has played out, in full, elsewhere (see references in the comment form Torsten).  I have better things to do with my time.

(Kirk - there you go I have give you another little quote that you can twist the meaning of to your own ends!).

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