[Annelida] re: eunicid phylogeny

Torsten Struck at Biologie.Uni-Osnabrueck.DE
Fri Mar 24 06:41:11 EST 2006

Dear Wormers,

I just want to give some last comments, because I do not see that we will
come to an agreement on this point anyway. I admit that I cannot see that
Kirk could put forward arguments (as long as they are purely metaphysical
arguments) that could convince me. As I see it, we in an open debate, which
is not resolved yet all (as I stated before). The methods we used and
developed were neither scientifically unacceptable nor the results
meaningless or not rational explainable. In contrast, they are well proven
by empirical data.
Also, I am surprised to read that Kirk does not see the connection between
methods and persons who developed and used them. I would like to see the
scientist who will not be offended if her/his work or parts of it is called
scientifically unacceptable, meaningless and irrational in a public forum.
As any other scientist I take science seriously and do it by heart and with
passion. Thus, there is always a personal bound to our work. As matter of
fact in his first e-mail he did present his critical comments not as
opposing viewpoints to consider, but as strong, matter-of-factly statements=

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