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   From: "IEDG" <ucbevodevo at berkeley.edu>
   Subject: U.C. Berkeley IEDG 2006 Meeting Registration and Call for    
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  Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2006 16:18:51 -0800  

We are pleased to announce the first international U.C. Berkeley Integrating 
Evolution, Development and Genomics Conference May 31st through June 2nd 2006. 
 This meeting is organized by graduate students and is inspired by the 
integration of evo-devo research programs at U.C. Berkeley. The meeting has 
been designed to be small in order to offer many opportunities for meaningful 
interactions between faculty, student, and post-doc attendees.  

The meeting will include multiple non-concurrent symposia covering a wide 
range of evolutionary developmental biology topics, including paleontology, 
comparative morphology, and genomics. In addition to talks from the confirmed 
invited speakers listed below, additional, shorter talks and posters will be 
selected from submitted abstracts.  There will also be lunchtime workshops, a 
dinner for speakers and students hosted by local graduate students at their 
homes, and receptions around the Berkeley campus.  

To register for the meeting, or to submit an abstract, please visit 
www.evodevo.org.  We would like to remind everyone that since conference 
attendance is limited, we encourage you to register as soon as possible.  The 
registration and abstract submission deadline is April 14th.  

Please pass along information about the conference to your colleagues, 
departments and list serves at your institution, and post the attached flyer.  
Questions can be sent to ucbevodevo at berkeley.edu.  

We look forward to seeing you in Berkeley this spring,

IEDG 2006 Organizers

Confirmed Invited Speakers:

Patricia Beldade (Leiden University)
Anthony DeTomaso (Stanford)
Mike Eisen (LBL, U.C. Berkeley)
Greg Elgar (Queen Mary, Univ. of London)
Sarah Hake (U.C. Berkeley)
Jukka Jernvall (University of Helsinki)
David Lambert (University of Rochester)
Mike Levine (U.C. Berkeley)
Sally Leys (University of Alberta)
Chris Lowe (University of Chicago)
Jim Mallet (University College London)
Phil Newmark (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
Nipam Patel (U.C. Berkeley)
Richard Prum (Yale)
Dan Rokhsar (U.C. Berkeley)
Elaine Seaver (University of Hawaii)
Mike Shapiro (University of Utah)
Moya Smith (Kings College London)
Ulrich Technau (SARS,International Center for Marine Molecular Biology)
John Willis (Duke University)
Greg Wray (Duke University

At the University of California, Berkeley:
Center for Integrative Genomics
Dept of Integrative Biology
Dept of Molecular & Cell Biology
Museum of Vertebrate Zoology
UC Museum of Paleontology
University and Jepson Herbaria

The Crustacean Society
Deep Gene Research Coordination Network


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