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week, in connection with a request for information, I revisited the paper by
Rosenberg & Petit 1987 in which they point out that Ryckholt, 1851 and not
Carus, 1863 is the correct author of the family Cirratulidae. Unfortunately,
I discovered to my dismay that for over 10 years, starting with Jim Blake’s
cirratulid chapter in the Santa Barbara Atlas (SBA), followed by my 1999
review of cirratulid reproduction, and several other contributions (see
below), I have been circulating an incorrect spelling of the author’s name,
i.e., as Ryckholdt rather than the correct form without the “d”: Ryckholt.
The name is consistently spelled without the “d” in the paper by Rosenberg &
Petit, and Richard E. Petit should certainly know the correct spelling, as
he has one of the only five complete copies of the Mélanges known to exist! 


Rosenberg, G. & R. E. Petit. 1987. Ryckholt’s Mélanges Paléontologiques,
1851-1862, with a new name for Tudicola H. & A. Adams, non Ryckholt. –
Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 139: 53-64.

The comment on Cirratulidae is on page 57. Because most of the paper deals
with molluscs, with the only polychaete ffamilies this family and Serpulidae
(which is antedated by several other authors who used the name before
Ryckholt), I sent Jim the information (with the author as Ryckholdt), but
not a copy of the paper, so unless he ordered it independently, which I
doubt he did, he has not seen the correct form of the name. The mistake is
mine alone.

The papers or chapters I know of that have this misspelling are given below.
If you cite anything with “Ryckholdt” in the text or list of references,
please cite the misspelling as follows: “Ryckholdt [sic, error for
 By doing it this way you draw attention to the error, point out
that it is not yours and that use of the misspelling should be abandoned.
Its current presence in so many basic references will probably make it
difficult to stop people from using it.

Ryckholt is misspelled as Ryckholdt in the following papers:

*Blake, J. 1996. SBA chapter on Cirratulidae 
*Petersen, M. E. 1999. Review of reproduction in Cirratulidae. Hydrobiologia
*Rouse, G. W. & F. Pleijel. 2001. Polychaetes. Oxford University Press. 
*Halt, M., G. Rouse, M. E. Petersen & F. Pleijel. 2006 in Rouse, G. & F.
Pleijel (eds.). – Reproductive Biology and Phylogeny of Annelida. Vol. 4 of
Series Reproductive Biology and Phylogeny.  
*Petersen, M. E. 200_? [section on Cirratulidae in “Das Mittelmeer” –
publication date unknown; I don’t know if the volume is out or not, but I
have not yet received proofs.

My apologies for introducing this confusion. It certainly was not intended.


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