[Annelida] Seeking Oweniid polychaete life history info

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I'm an environmental scientist quite new to the marvels of polychaeta, and
have been trying to track down some specifics on the life cycle/life history
of Oweniids or similar polychaetes, especially in northern latitudes.  I'm
primarily dealing with Myriochele oculata.


In particular I'd like to know more about the timing of the reproduction
cycle, such as how and when the eggs/larvae are dispersed; how long the
larvae stay in the plankton before resettling in the sediment; what cues are
involved in selection of a settlement location; how long before the newly
settled organisms are ready to reproduce, etc.  I've been burrowing slowly
through the literature (so to speak), but have found little of this sort of
information so far.  I realize that in some cases the information I'm looking
for may simply not exist, but I'd appreciate any tips or direction anyone
might have to offer.



Thanks much,

Chris Floyd

Anchorage, Alaska

Christopher.B.Floyd from poa02.usace.army.mil

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