Barcoding Re: [Annelida] marine polychaete survey

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Thu Apr 5 00:10:55 EST 2007

Kirk Fitzhugh wrote:
> I addressed the problem of the naive barcoding mentality in the 
> following article:
> Fitzhugh, K. 2006. DNA Barcoding: An Instance of Technology-driven 
> Science? BioScience 56(6): 462-463.

This will not be news to those interested in DNA work, but, for 
applications and other points of view much of the barcoding literature 
(and including Kirk's contributions) is prettily listed at:

The items aren't hot-linked but a few live links to the citations can be 
found at Connotea ( if one searches using for 
example the tags 'dna barcoding' & 'barcoding'

I vaguely recall there was some dissent or scepticism over the recent 
claims of hidden speciation in a few North American birds revealed by 
large-scale barcoding. I found the press release via Connotea, but not 
the reactions.

A 'radiant future of science' is given in the last sentence.

   Geoff Read < from>

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