[Annelida] Hirudo species already distinguished and published before 8 years

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Dear Annelida Friends,

basically the distinction of Hirudo medicinalis and
Hirudo verbana was based on my field studies in the
Austrian-Hungarian Danube basin in the ninetees. I
have already drawn figures to distinguish the two
species easily on their colour pattern. This was
already published in: Nesemann, H. & Neubert, E.
(1999): Annelida, Clitellata: Branchiobdellida,
Acanthobdellea, Hirudinea. Freshwater Fauna of Central
Europe (Editors Schwoerbel, J & Zwick, P). pp.98-101,
figures 44 a-d, 45 a-c. (ISBN 3-8274-0927-6).

Later I had to convinience P. Trontelj in Ljubljana,
that there are at least two species existing in our
study area as well as in Slovenia.

This is thought as background information to the
ongoing discussion.


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