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James Blake via annelida%40net.bio.net (by jablake9 from gmail.com)
Wed Apr 18 13:18:40 EST 2007

Hi Folks,

The IPC www site is back on line.  However, the list of participants has not
been updated since Saturday, 14 April.  Linda Healy tells me it will be
updated soon.  If you submitted your registration and do not see your name
posted, do not register again.  Wait until the list of registrants is
updated (todays date will be indicated).  If you still do not see your name
on the list of participants, send an e-mail to Linda Healy, she will tell
you what to do.

Because of the confusion caused by the storm and power outages, we are
extending the deadline for registration and submission of abstracts until
April 22, or this next Sunday. There were a some requests for a few extra
days to work up abstracts; now you have it.

Abstracts will be reviewed as soon as possible early next week. Acceptances
will be e-mailed out as soon as possible for those needing confirmation for
their funding applications.

Jim Blake
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