[Annelida] identification help request during tea/ coffee break

Richard Lord via annelida%40net.bio.net (by fishinfo from guernsey.net)
Wed Apr 25 05:35:09 EST 2007

I have started an image gallery of marine annelids from Guernsey, Great
Britain at


The gallery is small at the moment but I have many photos to add.
Unfortunately, I have been concentrating on the photography and not on the

>From the limited number of field guides I possess I have not been able to
identify the errant red polychaete in the linked photo (above).  Any help in
this regard would be appreciated.  There are additional images of this
species on either side of the linked image but regrettably my watermark does
obscure some of the detail of the head tentacles in the other images.   The
image can be increased in size by moving the mouse over the image and
clicking on the size required.

The polychaete was collected from under a boulder in Belle Greve Bay on
Guernsey's east coast during the last set of low spring tides.  (The island
of Guernsey is about 80 miles south of England and 50 miles north of
Brittany, France.)

Best wishes,
Yours sincerely,
Richard Lord
Guernsey GY1 1BQ
Great Britain

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