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Hi Richard,

as Mary wrote, your worm seems clearly to be Lysidice ninneta. This was 
the most currently cited species in Mediterranean waters, where often 
two colour patterns were distinguished. In one of my first papers 
(Martin 1987, unfortunately in Spanish), however, I was able to identify 
two different species. The reddish one with a whitish collar effectively 
corresponded to L. ninetta, but the pale brownish one was L. collaris 
Grube, 1870. Both were equally frequent and shared simultaneously the 
same habitats (in my case, calcareous algae aggregates), this being 
likely the origin of the misinterpretation. There were,  however, enough 
morphological differences in addition to colouring allowing to easily 
distinguish both species. To palliate the fact that my old paper was in 
Spanish, I made the corresponding plates accessible through my personal 
web page. That on Lysidice can be seen at:


More recently, L. collaris has been re-discovered for Mediterranean 
waters, for instance, as a "borer" in Posidonia meadows (you have simply 
search in Google schoolar). This species was also reported, among other, 
for Day (1967) in south Africa. I am not sure if the species has been 
reported from UK, but if not, there are some chances that it also occurs 
in these waters.

If so, it would be nice to have pictures of both in your gallery, as 
the  colour pattern was also different  in living worms.

Greetings from foggy Blanes.

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