[Annelida] Commercial vs Goodwill

Brian Paavo via annelida%40net.bio.net (by paavo from wormguy.com)
Thu Apr 26 16:07:47 EST 2007

Aloha all,

Richard's recent posting raises a question I've confronted before and I 
wonder how other specialists feel and/or have dealt with it.  It seems 
that Richard's photo site is commercial.  I fully recognise that he 
deserves recompense for the time, equipment, and effort of producing 
such marvelous images that can inform.  I also recognise that I am one 
of the most junior of wormpersons on here, yet even I have spent tens of 
thousands of dollars and years learning to work with these animals.  By 
choice and culture academicians like to disseminate information freely 
(which I support) but the waters become a little muddy when we freely 
add value to a product that brings funds to others without a reasonable 
quid pro quo.  Since I (and many others here) make my living by working 
with animals I have generally taken the stance that if the end product 
is free or distributed as a low-cost educational product or purpose then 
I will assist at no cost.  Educational texts have purchased photos from 
me before, largely because the species, location, and behaviour or 
context were well-supported.  It has been an important way of funding my 
study at crucial times.  Do the museum-employed folks have a special 
time allotment for assisting public queries that have commercial 
application?   How do you feel? 

Brian Paavo

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