[Annelida] Commercial vs Goodwill

Geoff Read via annelida%40net.bio.net (by g.read from niwa.co.nz)
Mon Apr 30 21:57:38 EST 2007

Brian Paavo wrote:
> By choice and culture academicians like to disseminate information 
> freely (which I support) but the waters become a little muddy when we
>  freely add value to a product that brings funds to others without a
>  reasonable quid pro quo.

I assume Brian's concern relates to casual transactions between 
individuals. In my experience the situations where identification 
services provided by an employee of an organisation (academic or not) 
involve significant real work there will also be a requirement for 
significant money to be found to pay for them.

Anyone is allowed to ask Annelida-relevant questions on this list, and 
if the information in the reply has some economic spin-off then that is 
fine. Remember the 'diseased' oligochaetes question back in March? I was 
  pleased that an Annelida member could readily help someone with a 
problem seriously affecting their livelihood. However, goodwill only 
goes so far, and if it looks as if someone is someone trying to exploit 
the list by dipping their bucket in the well too often, or by not doing 
enough to solve a problem for themselves, they will probably be ignored.

   Geoff Read <g.read from niwa.co.nz>

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