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         Many thanks to Andy Mackie, Mary E. Petersen and Thierry Ruellet for their helpful replies. 

If I have worked it out correctly, the reference 

Giard, A. 1889. Sur le développement compare des types marins et d'eau douce. Rev. Sci. Paris, ser. 5, no. 21, p. 649. 

should read

Giard, A. 1889. Les facteurs de l'évolution. Revue Scientifique. 3e. série. 18(21):641-648.

This volume 18 of the third series is also labelled volume 44 on the title page - it is probably the 44th. volume since the beginning of the first series. The bit about "leçon d'ouverture ...." is in a footnote on page 641. 

The paper is not titled "Sur le développement compare des types marins et d'eau douce.", but there is a bit on pages 647-648 about the differences in reproduction of Palaeomonetes varians from fresh water near Naples and marine water at Wimereux, and Giard goes on to say that the observations could be extended to other fresh water animals of various groups (planarians, oligochaetes, etc.). Therefore the subject matter is almost right, although he spends a lot of time saying that Lamarck is more correct than Darwin. I can imagine that Hartman made a quick note about this paper and later misread series 3 as series 5 and page 647 as 649.

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We have a copy of Giard. A, 1896. Exposé des titres et travaux scientifiques (1869-1896) de Alfred Giard. Paris, Imp. Générale Lahure, 390 pp.

I cannot find the paper listed by Hartman (1951) in this.  However, on page 382 in the "Liste chronologique des Publications" there is a 1889 paper "Les facteurs de l'évolution, leçon d'ouverture des cours d'évolution des êtres organisés, 2 ème année. (Rev. scientif., 3e sec., 9e annèe, t. XLIV, p. 641)". 

Note that the volume is 44, not 21, and that "3e sec." is given, not "5e sèr."

On 'Alfred Giard' (http://www.whonamedit.com/doctor.cfm/2928.html) the above is listed as "Les facteurs de lévolution, leçon d'ouverture des cours d'évolution des êtres organisés, 2ème année. Revue scientifique, 1889, 44: 641-648" 

This would be immediately before the desired paper if the journal and starting (or only?) page number (649) given by Hartman is correct.
Just to muddy things a little more, on page 303 of Giard (1896), Giard gives a summary of "Les facteures de l'évolution" (Revue scientifique, 3e sèrie, 1889, no 21, pp.641-649).  Here the paper is given as "No. 21".  Could it be that the article required is a single page at the end of the "Facteures de l'évolution"?


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