[Annelida] About Onuphidae

Mare Cornejo via annelida%40net.bio.net (by mcornejo from cenaim.espol.edu.ec)
Wed Aug 29 08:26:42 EST 2007

Dear Colleges of the Annelida List

 I am working with Onuphidae Family.  I have been tried to obtain artificial
reproduction and it hasn't been impossible. I tried with temperature shock,
with salinity shock and just out any shock. However,  I did not get any
results. I obtained the animals from the natural environment during new moon
period, when the females and males are mature. I am  no sure to use any
anaesthesias because I am afraid to damage the "eggs".

I will appreciate very much if somebody can help me.

Thanks in advance

Maria H. Cornejo-Rodriguez, Ph.D.

Something else. I know it is a scientific list but I need to ask is somebody
might help with fellowship to high school students in small town in Ecuador
write me to my personal e-mail mcornejo from cenaim.espol.edu.ec and I can  give
details about that.

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