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SV: [Annelida] [Fwd: Spionidae versus Spiodea]

Eibye-Jacobsen, Danny via annelida%40net.bio.net (by DEJacobsen At snm.ku.dk)
Thu Jan 18 00:34:25 EST 2007

Dear Vasily,
   As far as I understand it, priority goes to the first author to indicate a family-group taxon based on the "correct" genus, regardless of whether it happened to be constructed with -idae. Grube and Malmgren are the authors of many polychaete families based on this practice.
   Hope this helps,
Danny Eibye-Jacobsen
Zoological Museum
Universitetsparken 15
DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø


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Subject: Spionidae versus Spiodea
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2007 02:56:00 +1000
From: radashevsky <radashevsky At mail.ru>
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     Dear Geoff,
     Would you please put in Annelida the following message?

             Dear all,

             I wonder why do we use the name Spionidae (introduced by
Sars, 1861) in combination with Grube, 1850 (who actually introduced the
name Spiodea)? Spiodea Grube, 1850 and Spionidae Sars, 1861 were equally
used until about 1915 (McIntosh 1915 cited them both without priority).
The latter name and the author were in use until 1959, when Olga Hartman
(in the Catalog of the Polychaeta) created a combination Spionidae
Grube, 1850 that is used till now.

             The problem is that Spiodea was established by Grube, 1850
on the generic name Spio Fabricius, 1785; whereas Spionidae was based by
Sars, 1861 on Spione Orsted, 1844. The type (and the only) species of
Spione, S. trioculata, was marked by Hartman (1959: 391) as
indeterminable and the genus itself was doubtfully placed within Spionidae.

             The question is What is the nominal genus for Spionidae and
whether we use correct combination of the name and the author?
             I'm curious for solution (which might be very simple)!

             Vasily Radashevsky

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