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> Subject: Position
> Please spread this ad to anyone you think might be interested!
> Sincerely,
> Christoffer Schander
> Ph.D.Fellowship in Systematic Zoology in Bergen Museum
> BERGEN MUSEUM houses the University of Bergen’s collections in  
> cultural and natural history. Bergen Museum’s activities around  
> these collections involve augmentation, documentation, research,  
> conservation and exhibition. As a state-financed university museum,  
> Bergen Museum maintains extensive scientific collections and is a  
> regional center for scientific competence and the dissemination of  
> knowledge. Bergen Museum is divided into The Cultural Histori  
> Collections (anthropology, archaeology, church art, and newer  
> cultural history) and The Natural History Collections (botany,  
> geology and zoology). There is also a central administration. There  
> are 110 man-labour-years at the museum.
> Bergen Museum, the Natural History Collections, University of  
> Bergen, has an open fellowship position for Ph.D. studies in  
> biosystematics.
> The student will be working with systematic studies of a marine  
> animal group at the Natural History Museum, and also be enrolled in  
> a Ph.D. programme at the Department of Biology, University of Bergen.
> A description of the position is mentioned below or obtainable from  
> Bergen Museum, Administration, phone +47 55 58 93 60, e-mail:  
> POST At bm.uib.no.
> Additional information on the position is obtainable from principal  
> Ingvar Byrkjedal, teleph. + 47 55 58 29 02, or e-mail:  
> ingvar.byrkjedal At bm.uib.no.
> Applicants must have a master- or cand.scient.–degree or a  
> corresponding education with excellent marks in subjects that are  
> directly relevant for the discipline of biosystematics and taxonomy.
> The appointment is totally four years, and 25% of the time will be  
> museum related work in the Natural History Collections. The  
> successful applicant will be admissible to the Ph.D. programme of  
> the Department of Biology with an approved plan for doctoral  
> studies with a time frame of three years. A description of the  
> proposed research project and a progress plan for the doctoral  
> studies must be submitted with the application. An accepted plan  
> for the studies is a requirement for appointment in the position.  
> The final ph.d. programme must also be approved by the Faculty of  
> Mathematics and Natural Sciences within three months after  
> engagement. The principal supervisor for the project must be a  
> scientist with permanent position at the Natural History Collections.
> The length of the fellowship period may be reduced if the  
> successful applicant has held previous employment as a research  
> fellow.
> The working language would usually be Norwegian.
> Starting salaries at salary level 41 (code 1017) on the government  
> salary scale (corresponding to NOK 310.700 per year, following  
> ordinary meriting regulations (wage levels 41/46).
> State employment shall reflect the multiplicity of the population  
> at large to the highest possible degree. The University of Bergen  
> has therefore adopted a personnel policy objective to ensure that  
> we achieve a balanced age and sex composition and the recruitment  
> of persons of various ethnic backgrounds. Persons of different  
> ethnic backgrounds are therefore encouraged to apply for the position.
> The University of Bergen applies the principles of public openness  
> when recruiting staff to scientific positions.
> The successful applicant must comply with the guidelines that apply  
> to the position at any time.
> The application must include a description of the proposed research  
> project and a progress plan for the doctoral studies. It must also  
> include a complete review of education and professional experience  
> with copies of exams and certificates and scientific works  
> including a list of publications (all in three copies, sorted in  
> three identical budles).
> The application should be sent to: The University of Bergen
> The application, which must contain a complete overview over the  
> applicant's education and earlier work, must include copies of  
> certificates and diplomas, testimonials and scholarly works with a  
> list of these (in three copies), is to be sent to The University of  
> Bergen, Bergen Museum Administration, P.O.B. 7800, N-5020 Bergen,  
> Norway), by 10 February 2007.
> The application must be marked 06/3830.
> in
> The Natural History Collections (DNS) is a unit of Bergen Museum,  
> The University of Bergen (UoB), with a wide range of activities in  
> the fields of botany, geology, and zoology. The core of the  
> biological research at DNS is systematics and taxonomy, but work is  
> also being conducted with various ecological and evolutionary  
> perspectives on biological diversity. DNS is cooperating broadly  
> with the Department of Biology at UoB and has joint responsibility  
> for teaching subjects including taxonomy, phylogeny, and evolution  
> for the students in the faculty.
> Marine research is a priority at UoB. Additionally, amongst several  
> other research institutions that are good neighbours in the  
> environmental sciences, there is also the national Institute of  
> Marine Research. Bergen therefore offers special conditions for  
> studies of marine organisms. UoB can provide facilities including a  
> marine research station at Espeland near Bergen and possibilities  
> of cruise time with well equipped research vessels. With support  
> from the Norwegian Research Council, researchers at DNS have  
> contributed to establish a work environment for botanical and  
> zoological molecular systematics at UoB.
> The Department of Biology has a staff of about 150 people and 600  
> students in master- and Ph.D. programmes. We presume that the  
> successful applicant will find an association with the Research  
> Group on Marine Biodiversity beneficial.
> Additionally to research, academic teaching and dessemination, the  
> work at DNS is characterized by duties in the scientific  
> collections. The zoological collections have been catalogued since  
> the 1850-ies and contain a great number of type specimens. However,  
> the bulk of the collection derives from diverse field projects over  
> the last decades, also including reference material from  
> environmental assessment and monitoring. The advent of molecular  
> systematics has additionally produced new demands for vouchering  
> specimens. The work in the collections is characterised by high  
> levels of activity, including guest researchers and communication  
> with scientists around the world. The people who work with marine  
> animals are currently cooperating particularly with the Marine  
> Biodiversity Research Group in the Department of Biology. They are  
> also active partners in the so called MAR-ECO project ( http:// 
> www.mar-eco.no/ ).
> Applicants must have a master- or cand.scient.–degree or a  
> corresponding education with excellent marks in subjects that are  
> directly relevant for the discipline of biosystematics and  
> taxonomy. The application must contain a brief description of a  
> proposed doctoral project for systematic studies of a marine animal  
> group. It is required that the principal scientific supervisor has  
> a permanent position in the Natural History Collections and it  
> would be an advantage to contact potential supervisors in advance.  
> Applicants may demonstrate a particular interest in biosystematics  
> with publications in the field. The applicant’s potential ability  
> to successfully finalise a doctoral study will also be based on an  
> evaluation of efficiency and results in previous studies and  
> subsequent activities. The fellow will also be assigned to museum  
> related duties in the Natural History Collections.

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