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Dear colleagues,

Our new article "Taxonomic and morphometric analyses of the *Haplosyllis
spongicola* complex (Polychaeta: Syllidae: Syllinae) from Spanish seas, with
re-description of the type species and descriptions of two new species"
will appear in the next Scientia Marina issue 71 (3) and is now available
on-line throughout the forthcoming articles webpage:


It is also available in the personal web page of Dr. Daniel Martin:
*http://www.ceab.csic.es/~dani/* <http://www.ceab.csic.es/~dani/>

Kind regards,

Patricia Lattig

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Ed. Biología (Zoología)
C/ Darwin 2 - 28049
Madrid - Spain
Tel: 34 914978291
patricia.lattig from uam.es
plattig from gmail.com
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