[Annelida] Validity of Capitella jonesi vs. Capitellides jonesi

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Not quite: 

When the species is moved to Capitella it is in a changed combination, so
the correct form would be Capitella jones (Hartman, 1959). Without the
parentheses it would look like the original description of a species jonesi
in the genus Capitella, which would give problems.



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The genus Capitellides Mesnil, 1897 was synonymized with Capitella
Blainville, 1828 by Warren (1976: J. Zool. London, 180:195-209).  You can
safely call the species Capitella jonesi Hartman.



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Hello list,

    I've been trying to track down the validity of Capitella jonesi versus
Capitellides jonesi.  The key I've been using (Ewing and Dauer 1981) uses
Capitella, but the Chesapeake Bay program species list uses Capitellides.  I
want to make sure that I'm using the valid name and if the descriptions are
the same. 





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