[Annelida] Feeding polychaetes to shrimps

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Dear all,

I work for a shrimp culture company and among our many projects to make this
industry sustainable, we want to try breeding marine polychaetes to replace
fish meals.

We are looking at three species in particular: Perinereis nuntia, P.
capensis and P. vancaurica. And I would be interested in any information
relating to the possibility of rearing these species on a large scale. What
can they be fed?, what kind of substrate do they need? Also if anyone knows
where we could get a starting stock of these, it would be very helpful.

Finally does anyone have a copy of any of these?

Scaps, P. 2003. The exploitation and aquaculture of marine polychaetes.
Bull. Soc. Zool. Fr. 128:21-33

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development of Perinereis nuntia var. brevicirrus (Annelida: Polychaeta).
Invert. Biol. 114:39-45

Hardege, J.D., Bartels Hardege, H.D., Yang, Y., Wu, B.-L., Zhu, M.Y., Zeeck,
E. 1994. Environmental control of reproduction in Perinereis nuntia var.
brevicirrus. J. Mar. Biol. Assoc. UK 74:903-918

Kurihara, Y. 1983. Study of domestic sewage waste treatment by the
polychaetes, Neanthes japonica and perinereis nuntia var. vallata, on an
artificial tidal flat. Int. Rev. Ges. Hydrobiol. 68:649-670

Chen, C.A., Chen, C.P., Fan, T.Y., Yu, J.K., Hseih, H.L. 2002. Nucleotide
sequences of ribosomal internal transcribed spacers and their utility in
distinguishing closely related Perinereis polychaetes (Annelida: Polychaeta:
Nereididae). Mar. Biotech. 4:17-29

In advance, thank you for your help,

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