Lysidice Re: [Annelida] identification help

Geoff Read via (by from
Sat May 5 02:55:50 EST 2007

Daniel Martin wrote:
> More recently, L. collaris has been re-discovered for Mediterranean 
> waters, for instance, as a "borer" in Posidonia meadows (you have simply 
> search in Google schoolar). 

Is anyone working on, or interested in Lysidice spp taxonomy worldwide?

I am just wondering what our New Zealand species really is (currently 
down as Lysidice ninetta). I also see our famous Prof W. B. Benham named 
a new variety of L. collaris from the Kermadec Islands just north of NZ. 
He usefully described it as "green in life". That's all he says about it!!!

   Geoff Read < from>

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