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In Linnaeus’ Wake: 300 years of marine discovery

A meeting, to be hosted at the Linnean Society of London with an  
evening reception on the Swedish Ship Götheborg on the River Thames

June 1, 2007

The fundamental contribution of Linnaeus to the scientific world - a  
system of nomenclature and classification - was underpinned by his  
collections and those of his ‘Apostles’, made possible in the mid  
18th Century by the maritime power of European nations. Ships, and  
shipping companies such as the Swedish East India Company (SOIC),  
were used by Linnaeus to expand his collections from all over the  
globe. To celebrate both the tercentenary of Linnaeus’ birth, and the  
arrival of the Swedish Ship Götheborg in London (an exact replica of  
the 18th Century East Indiaman Götheborg used by the SOIC), a  
scientific meeting will be hosted this summer at the Linnean Society  
of London with an evening reception aboard the vessel moored on the  
River Thames.

The meeting will cover the historical importance of the SOIC and  
Linnaeus, life aboard an 18th century vessel, and scientifically will  
focus on marine systematic and taxonomic discoveries from the last  
three hundred years. It will show how in the age of DNA sequencing  
and deep-sea robotic submarines, much of marine science is still in  
the ‘discovery phase’, just as it was in Linnaeus’ day. Our meeting,  
jointly sponsored by Göteborg University, Zoologica Scripta, the  
Hasselblad Foundation, the Linnean Society and The Natural History  
Museum will celebrate the life of Linnaeus and his legacy, and show  
what an 18th century square-rigged East Indiaman was like for the  
scientist and sailor.

Speakers will include: Dr Tony Rice, Prof Phil Rainbow, Dr Katrin  
Linse, Dr Ben Wigham, Dr Kenneth Nyberg, Dr Hans Nyman, Dr John  
Taylor, Dr Alex Rogers, Joakim Severinson

The full agenda is available here: http://web.mac.com/adrianglover/ 

The registration form is available for download here: http:// 

Please register soon as places are filling up!
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