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David Patterson via annelida%40net.bio.net (by dpatterson from mbl.edu)
Sun May 13 14:34:42 EST 2007

I have been very pleased to see the interest in the EOL 
project, and the desire for a grass roots group.

The role of EOL is to work with partners and to collect 
together information that is located across the internet, 
and present it through a very flexible common portal.  The 
flexibility is to ensure that the EOL can be adapted to 
meet the needs of very different categories of users.  EOL 
is intended to be a communal environment, and needs input 
from experts.  Experts can help manage the taxonomic 
indexing system that we will provide to ensure that it is 
complete, that synonymies and mis-spellings are correctly 
represented, and to maintain one or more classifications. 
 Experts can contribute content (we will be able to 
provide software to help individuals establish easy to 
assemble web sites or offer a central web site where it 
will be possible to add images and other content, 
descriptions, glossary terms and so on); and experts can 
help to review incoming content.  We will be building a 
workbench, a virtual collection of tools to help peope 
gain access to the information in the 1,500,000 books that 
will be digitized through the Biodiversity heritage 
Library, or to flag, link, annotate, analyse or visualise 
biodiversity data.  The WorkBench will also allow possible 
contributors to register their web-available content for 
use by EOL.  We will be building some of the tools, but as 
a compilation of modular open-source software, we will 
welcome participation of others.

The teams will be assembled in the second part of this 
year.  We would be pleased to address any queries.

David Patterson

David J Patterson
Encyclopedia of Life
Marine Biological Laboratory
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