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Subject: 	S. benedicti polychaete help
Date: 	Tue, 20 Nov 2007 19:04:25 -0500
From: 	LaTrisha Allen <latrisha_allen from hotmail.com>
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Dear all,

My name is LaTrisha Allen.  I am a graduate student of Dr. Dionne
Hoskins at Savannah State University.  I was suggested by Dr. L. Levin
to write to this mailing bulletin.  I am writing you in regards of the
polychaete,/ Streblospio benedicti/.  I want to compare their LC50 to
that of the amphipod,/ Leptocheirus plumulosus/ after being exposed to
PBDE-47 as well as examining the sediment of local areas to see if these
areas are near the LC50 levels.  My problem has been that I have not
been able to find a facility that cultures/ Streblospio benedicti/.  Is
there anyone who would be willing to donate a starter culture or
suggests someone who might be culturing at the present time?  If not, is
anyone willing to give advice on how to culture these polychaetes from
field collection or discuss how they collected them from the field?  Did
you have to use a boat to collect your polychaetes or were you able to
walk into the marsh to sample?  What equipment did you use to collect
them? Any advice that I receive would be very grateful.  I thank you in


     LaTrisha Allen

     Savannah State University
     P.O. Box 20228
     Savannah, GA 31404
     Phone & Fax: (912) 353.3249

     email: latrisha_allen from hotmail.com <mailto:latrisha_allen from hotmail.com>


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