[Annelida] Kenneth Ernest Lee (1927-2007)

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Death notice

Ken Lee, earthworm ecologist and taxonomist, New Zealand and Australia.
	Born: 7 May 1927, Wanganui, New Zealand
	Died: 14 January 2007, Adelaide, South Australia.

Obituary: Yeates, G. ; Churchman, J. 2007:  Ken Lee (1927–2007). 
Biology and Fertility of Soils 43: 501-502.
doi 10.1007/s00374-007-0201-2

  Born in Wanganui, Ken Lee joined DSIR Soil Bureau in 1948. Over the 
next 10 years he compiled a monographic study of New Zealand earthworms 
[Lee, K. E. 1959:  The earthworm fauna of New Zealand.  DSIR bulletin 
130: 1-486]. He also studied the ecology of other soil animals.  In 1965 
he moved to CSIRO, Adelaide , Australia in 1965 initially working on 
termites [Lee, K. E. ; Wood, T. G.  1971: Termites and soils. London, 
New York,. Academic Press]. His 1985 book "Earthworms: their ecology and 
relationships with soils and land use" remains the definitive work, 
successor to Charles Darwin's 1881 book. Ken is internationally 
acknowledged for his work in soil zoology and soil science. (Source: 
Gregor Yeates)

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