[Annelida] Koh papers needed

Barbara Mikac via annelida%40net.bio.net (by barbara.mikac from cim.irb.hr)
Mon Nov 26 08:17:44 EST 2007

Dear colleagues,

I would kindly ask you if somebody could send me pdf formats of the
following papers:

Koh B.S., Bhaud M. (2001) Description of Owenia gomsoni n.
sp. (Oweniidae, Annelida Polychaeta) from the Yellow Sea
and evidence that Owenia fusiformis is not a cosmopolitan
species. Vie et Milieu, 51(1–2), 77–86.

Koh B.S., Bhaud M. (2003) Identification of differentiating criteria
between populations of Owenia fusiformis (Annelida
Polychaeta) from different origins. Vie et Milieu, 53(2/3),


Koh B.S., Bhaud M.R., Jirkov I.A. (2003) Two new species of
Owenia (Annelida: Polychaeta) in the northern part of the
North Atlantic Ocean and remarks on previously erected
species from the same area. Sarsia, 88, 175–188.

Many thanks!


Barbara Mikac, M.Sc.
Marine Research Centre
Rudjer Boskovic Institute
G. Paliaga 5
52210 Rovinj

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