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Dear all,

some more of my old papers have been added as downloadable PDFs from my 
personal web site (see below):

1.    Uriz, M.J., Rosell, D. & Martin, D., 1992.- The sponge population 
of the Cabrera Archipelago (Balearic Islands): Characteristics, 
distribution and abundance of the most representative species. P.S.Z.N. 
I Mar. Ecol., 13(2): 101- 117.
2.    Martin, D., Cha, J.H. & Bhaud, M., 1996.- Consequences of oocyte 
form modification in Eupolymnia nebulosa (Annelida, Polychaeta). Invert. 
Reprod. Develop., 29(1): 27- 36.
3.    Sardá, R. & Martin, D., 1993.- Populations of Streblospio Webster 
(Polychaeta: Spionidae) on temperate zones: Demographic consequences and 
productivity. J. Mar. Biol. Ass. U.K., 73: 769- 784.
4.    Bhaud, M., Cha, J.H., Duchene, J.C., Nozais, C. & Martin, D., 
1995.- Larval biology and benthic recruitment: New prospect on the role 
of egg- masses and modelling life cycle regulation. Sci. Mar. 59(suppl. 
1): 103- 117.
5.    Arnoux, S., Bhaud, M., Cazaux, C., Cha, J.H., Duchêne, J.C., 
Fraunié, P., Marcano, G., Martin, D., Nattero, M.J., Nozais, C., Pinedo, 
S., Rey, C. & Sardá, R. (1995) Recruitment in the light of biological- 
physical interactions in coastal waters: Reuslts of PNDR action at the 
Arago Laboratory in 1994- 1995. Vie Milieu 45(2): 85- 105.
6.    Martin, D., 1996.- A new species of Polydora (Polychaeta, 
Spionidae) associated with the excavating sponge Cliona viridis 
(Porifera, Hadromerida) in the North Western Mediterranean sea. Ophelia, 
45(3): 159- 174.
7.    Uriz, M.J., Martin, D. & Rosell, D., 1992.- Relationships of 
biological and taxonomic characteristics to chemically mediated 
bioactivity in Mediterranean littoral sponges. Mar. Biol., 113 (2): 287- 297
8.    Martin, D. & Cha, J.H., 1994.- Oocyte growth of Eupolymnia 
nebulosa (Montagu): The effect of temperature. Inf. P.N.D.R., 21: 28- 35.
9.    Palacín, P., Gili, J.M. & Martin, D., 1993.- Morphological 
variation in nematode communities in relation to eutrofization processes 
in a shallow- water Mediterranean bay. In: Quantified Phenotypic 
Responses in Morphology and Physiology, J.C. Aldrich Ed., JAPAGA, 
Asford, pp. 239- 246.
10.    De Torres, M., Delgado, O., Weitzmann, B., Martin, D., Maldonado, 
M., Ribera, G., Sant, N. & Ballesteros, E., 1996.- Surveillance 
programme on the introduction of Caulerpa taxifolia in the Catalan 
coast. Years 1992- 1994. In: Second Int. Workshop on Caulerpa taxifolia, 
M.A. Ribera, E. Ballesteros, C.F. Bouduresque, A. Gómez & V. Gravez 
Eds., Publicacions Universitat Barcelona, Barcelona, pp. 67- 73.
11.    Sardá, R., Martin, D., Pinedo, S., Dueso, A. & Cardell, M.J., 
1995.- Seasonal dynamics of shallow- water benthic communities in the 
Western Mediterranean. In: The biology and ecology of shallow coastal 
waters, A. Nicolaidou Ed., Olssen & Olssen, Fredensborg, pp. 191- 198.

Some of them are not on polychaetes, but might also be interesting for 

Enjoy (and, please, let me know if there is any problem).


Dr. Daniel Martin

Scientific Researcher
Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC)

Centre d'Estudis Avancats de Blanes (CEAB)

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-> 17300 Blanes (Girona), Catalunya (Spain)
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